Elote Loco Gallery

A collection of works on girlhood that

embodies adolescence and initiates a

dialogue on age, autonomy, and

constructed ideals. Saturated hues and a

do-it-yourself aesthetic has generated a

daydream like escape and a means to find

safety in nostalgia. By using bright

colors, hazy overlays, cheap stickers and

tacky crafts I have reclaimed a time of

my life in which there was a lack of

confidence, empowerment, and poise.



Universe’s Guide to Babysitting; 2020

Practice Makes; 2021

Passionfruit Punch; 2020

Road Warrior; 2019

Rainbow Land; 2020

Her Hair Ran Pink; 2021

Track 004; 2020

Our Lady of Growing Pains; 2020

Work Purse; 2020

For a Fruit Fairy; 2020