Elote Loco Gallery

Alex Macon

An Ohio boy born and raised, Alex Macon is a digital photographer and installation artist with focuses on color theory, pop culture, human anatomy, and the destruction of stereotypes and marginalization. His work addresses societal inequalities and cultural experiences in a colorful, campy aesthetic. These pieces are quirky and colorful in nature, embracing the oddity of life, while also addressing important and poignant social issues. His work remains focused on vibrancy; fill to the brim with loaded references to his identity, and views on the absurdity within the human experience.

Stephanie Cuyubamba Kong

Stephanie Cuyubamba Kong is an American

artist and educator interested in the narrative possibilities within language, vernacular culture, and socio-musical memory. She believes in illuminating marginalized histories and promoting intersectional approaches to education, art, and performance. Ultimately, she sees art as a vehicle for agency in how stories are told.

Her research-based practice currently revolves around reggaetón discourse, utopia, and snack locality. As an artist, writer, and musician she is fascinated by language and its most abstracted forms. Her work enters the in-between spaces of identity: sometimes confusing, sometimes contradictory, but also purposefully celebrating the liminal spaces in cultural and personal narratives. Through the likes of portraiture, writing, photographs, and performances she aims to bring forward new ideas on how we construct cultures and what it means to blur the lines across the complexities of identity.

Emmaline Carter

Emmaline Carter is a twenty-two year old American artist and photographer currently living in Cincinnati, Ohio. She is a fourth-year undergraduate Fine Arts student at the University of Cincinnati within the school of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning with a focus in photography.

Through her photography, her ongoing series titled Traces/Absence explores the complexities of eating disorders, the convoluted nature of trauma and the process of healing from both, using different methods of self-portraiture to express her own experiences with the residual nature of trauma.